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Essay on Road Accident with Quotations for Students

Before writing an essay on road accident you should have some brainstorm idea in mind. First you must discuss the definition of the accident. Afterwards write the description in which you should mention about the numbers of road accidents being faced daily in our country, your plan to visit somewhere, incident of road accident and your feelings about that accidents. Also mentioned the reasons of increasing numbers of road accidents day by day. Also use the rich vocabulary and good grammar.

A Road Accident Essay with Quotes for Matric, F.A, FSC, 2nd Year, B.A, BSC for Examinations

The word ‘ACCIDENT’ can be defined as damaging happening from human recklessness. It can also be defined as a sudden detrimental happening mostly triggered by human carelessness.  This often happens due to human violation of immutable laws.  Life is not a bed of roses.  It is indeed uncertain, fleeting and unpredictable.  Man is subject to unforeseen incidents.  Human is exceedingly conscious to adopt adequate measures for his security and safety.  But in spite of his efforts and struggle, he cannot escape from the clutches of ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’.  In short human cannot escape from the fate.  We daily observe accidents of various kinds occurring at different places all around the world.  Thousands of the people lose their precious lives in these accidents and many others are crippled for the rest of their lives.  They moan, sob, weep and wail but unseen hand of fate does not take pity on them. 

Perhaps their surging stream of human blood is not enough to satiate the unquenchable thirst of furious fate.  Shakespeare said:

   “As flies wanton boys are we to the gods,

   They kill us for their sport”

Accidents are always terrible, pathetic, distressing and heart-rending. The accident that I am going to narrate is tragically terrible and dreadful.  Once I made a program with my friends to spend a few days in the comforting company of nature in Swat valley.  The preparations were finalized within two days.  On the third day, we started off our journey at dawn.  All of us were excited and thrilled about our adventure. The journey to Peshawar was tremendously tiresome as we had to travel in the scorching heat of summer.  After having a brief rest at Peshawar, we decided to proceed immediately to our destination.  We hired a jeep and after a couple of hours were creeping at the scary road of Malakand pass. 

The scenery around was amazingly captivating and mesmerizing.  Lush green trees and flowery bushes were growing in abundance on the slopes of hills.  Thin fleece-like clouds floating in the sky were playing hide and seek with sun.  Cool gentle breeze was growing from the green hills. It fanned our faces and lifted our spirits.  The road winding around the cliffs looked somewhat scary.  But the sensation of excitement made the journey pleasant and delightful. 

“Road sense is the offspring of courtesy and the parent of safety.” (Australian Traffic)

We were entirely absorbed in that magical scenery when the deafening noise of horns of two buses brought us back to our world.  The two buses overtook us at the breakneck speed.  The reckless drivers did not know that they were engaged in death-race.  All of the sudden a truck appeared from the curve of a cliff collided with one of the buses.  There was a loud bang and the vehicles jammed into each other.  The second fast flying bus also crashed against them and the three vehicles rolled down the slope at a terrific speed into the deep gorge below.  It was a horribly harrowing scene.  The heartbreaking shrieks of ill-starred passengers echoed back from the hills. 

We got down the jeep and rushed to the spot to help the passengers but the downward slope was so steep that no one could get down to the vehicles below.  After a desperate struggle we managed to approach the place where these vehicles were lying utterly smashed.  No one had survived.  All the passengers had died then and there.  Their blood stained bodies were lying around.  No one was found sobbing and crying.  It was a terrible sight.  Human flesh and blood was visible at the arid stones all around.  Everyone was horror-struck.  The shock crippled all of us.  Neither could we speak nor move nor cry.  Soon the police and district administration arrived to take away the corpses.  We could stand it no longer.  We cancelled our program and returned with heavy hearts. 

“When you. gamble with safety, you bet your life.” (Charles Dickens)

The effect of that accident was so shocking that whenever I recollect this regrettable accident I become deeply depressed.  May the departed souls be blessed with eternal joys of heaven! Ameen. 

This essay can be written as Essay on A Bus Accident for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

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