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Social Media is the most powerful and influential entity in world which has potential to transform the world. However, media comprises of two versions which include Mainstream media and social media.  Mainstream media includes television, radio, newspaper and other sources of information.  On the other hand, social media comprises of sites which offer communication that is why it’s called social media like Facebook. 

Emerging power of social media:

People of different ages and genders use social media for news and updates and get to know about the current affairs of the world.  Most of us use social media to communicate with our near and dear ones.  Children use social media to play games and watch cartoons as well.

Ancient people were limited to information provided by their teachers and parents but in today’s world of social media they can acquire versatile information about different cultures in the world. 

Social media is the hub of divergent public opinions. People are free to express their feelings about the government policies.  Social gave them the liberty of criticizing government policies without even revealing their actual identities.  Social media has transformed our world into a global village.  We are able to know about the different parts of the world at just one click. 

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.

( Amy Jo Martin)

Prospects of social media                                                              

Individual Development:

Social media played a vital role in helping students to get education.  Social media helps teachers, students and parents to get useful information.  Social media helps to connect with learning groups that give a convenient access to education.  Various websites and networks give plenty of information that can be helpful to the students.  Students can incorporate social media plugins to share information.  Social media is a source of info for students with dissimilar socio-economic families. Those who don’t have access to any average library or expensive books can get worth information shared through Google and other social networking sites. The humble students with insufficient fiscal funds have easy access to educational programs and can enter the conventional despite being the inhabitants of backward areas.

Social media gave an easy access to healthcare providers. Medical zone embraces the role of social media in healthcare.  Many social media tools are available for healthcare professionals.  These tools can be used for public health programs. 

Social media keep us up-to-date about the emergency and current dealings. It keeps us in touch with the latest accomplishments in the world. Kashmir and Palestine are ever burning matters in the world and people can know about the altitudes of slaughters committed in contradiction of the people in these areas and many others and can express harmony with the people of these areas with the influence of social media.

Divergent public opinions make supremacy pretty operative and more approachable to make the administration of people, by the people a reality. Social media provides platforms for the indigents and choice equally well.
Besides numerous plus points related with social media, it can put delicate info at threat. Many significant secret documents can be made public via social networking sites.

Social Networking:

Social networking can be defined as use of internet based websites to connect with family, friends, colleagues and clients.  Social networking may have a social purpose and business purpose as well social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.  It allows the information to run around the authorized public sources.  Because of its direct and one-to-many methods it is called social.  Social networking means a website which connects people with similar interests.  It allows people to share videos, photos and other information.  These sites are developed to accommodate multiple users. 

Problems of Social Media:

Social media itself is not a problem the fact that made social media bad is increased usage of it.  Too much use of social media has made people addicted of it.  The more time spent on social media leads to cybercrime, depression, anxiety and exposure to the content that is not appropriate for age.  The biggest risk of social media is invasion of privacy that has been a fun for this generation.  Social media has made us to ignore our family and responsibilities.  We have been become more conscious about our online friends instead of the people sitting beyond us.

 The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other. 

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