Essay “Do Not Waste Water Even If You Were at a Running Stream” (CSS/ BA/ B.Ed)

Water is the foundation for the conception of life on the planet, the basis for its existence and continuation, and it is one of the most important prerequisites of life. Where there is water life flourish. And without water, there is no essence of life. We consume water not only to nourish us but our lifestyle. The food that we consume, the crops, all depends on water to be useable in future.  There will be no life without water. Water is an extremely vital resource of life on Earth.  Water is crucial need for us in case of survival for both our ecosystem and society.

Water is being consumed in different ways.  Some principal uses of water are commercial, domestic, industrial and irrigational uses.   Water is consumed commercially in hotels, restaurants, offices, and other civilian and military institutions.  Domestic use of water is most common way of consumption of water as water used in homes every day.  It is being used for common household means such as drinking and watering lawns and gardens, for washing purposes etc.  Industrial uses of water include processing, transportation, cleaning and cooling in manufacturing sectors.  A large quantity of water is being used in steel, chemicals, and petroleum reforming industries.  But this natural resource is getting polluted and wasted day by day. 

Prophet Ibrahim married Hazrat Hajira and they were blessed with a son named Ismail.  Hazrat Ibrahim migrated by the will of Allah and left his wife and beloved son in valley of Makah.  In this deserted place there was no planting and water.  When Hazrat Hajira ran out of water, she could do nothing but to search for it.  Hazrat Hajira ran from Al-Safa to Al-Marwah seven times but she couldn’t find even a drop of water.  She returned believing that her son passed away due to intensity of thirst.  She rubbed her feet on the ground in great despair.  Soon water sprang from between her feet.  From that moment till today, water keeps flowing over there and it’s called Zamzam.

A lot of the people in world do not have access to the water.  Millions of the people are unable to take fresh water for consumption.  About 70% of our earth’s surface is covered with water and 3% is actually fresh that is fit for human necessities.  That’s why our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Do not waste water even if you are standing at a running stream”


There is scarcity of water fresh water and people spend their whole day in searching for it. 

Humans should not waste water for a numerous reasons: to diminish contamination and health dangers, save money on water and energy bills, extend the life of the existing water source and facilities for wastewater treatment. Water preservation reduces its wastage.

Government should take actions for saving water. In this regard government must make people aware of scarcity of water is prevailing.  Governments can take actions to diminish the climate effects with energy usage for transporting and treating drinking water by using the most methodical water system equipment and to implement water efficiency and reclamation programs to use recycled water for non-potable uses. see more>

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