MY DOG | MY PET | 10 Lines SHORT ESSAY My Favorite Pet


Here is a short essay for the students of 1-4 class. Here are 1-10 sentences are given. you can choose sentences according to your will and need. The most easy and authentic comprehension is used in these essays and paragraphs just for the better understanding of students. Moreover this is a two in one essay. I mean you can use these sentences either for my pet or for my dog.


This is a dog. It is my pet. It’s color is black. I bought it from a pet bazar. It has four legs. Its name is Tommy. Dog is a faithful animal. I play with my pet. It plays a role of friends. It eats meat and bread. I feed it with biscuits also. It barks on strangers. It has a beautiful tail covered with fur. My pet likes to drink milk. It is a lovely animal. It never make me angry. It saves me from many accidents. It is a lovely dog. I like it very much.

Ten sentences on My Pet | My Dog

  1. It is a dog.

2. It is my pet.

3. I bought it from a bazar.

4. It’s color is black.

5. It’s name is Tommy.

6. It is 5 months old.

7. It has a white tail.

8. It has four legs.

9. It drinks milk and eats bread.

10. It is a faithful friend. / I love it very much.

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