9th class chemistry chapter 1 expected MCQs 2020

MCQs Chemistry Matric part 1(Neat chemistry 2020)

  1. Number of protons in oxygen is

a.8           b.6      c.5        d.4

2. Mass number of hydrogen is

a.0           b.1     c.2        d.-1

3. An element which occurs in gaseous state is

a. Mercury   b. Gold    c. Oxygen    d. Sodium

4. The number of naturally occurring elements is

a. 92    b. 98    c. 108     d. 114

     5. Most abundant gas found in atmosphere is

     a. Nitrogen   b. Oxygen    c. Argon    d. Chlorine

     6. Mercury is metal which exists

     a. Solid      b. Liquid      c. Gas     d. Plasma

     7. Atomic number of sodium is

     a.11   b.10    c.12    d.13

    8. The symbols used for potassium element is

     a. K      b. P      c. Pt    d. Na

    9. The symbol of boron is

    a. Be    b. Br    c. B    d. Ba

    10. Percentage by weight of nitrogen in atmosphere is

     a.78%    b.68%     c.58%    d.48%

    11. Percentage by weight of hydrogen in ocean

     a.11    b.12    c.13    d.14

    12. The valency of iron in ferrous sulphate is

     a.+2     b.+3     c.+4      d.+5

     13. Valency of chromium is

   a.2     b.3     c.4     d.5

   14. %age of carbon present in human body is

    a. 18    b.12     c.13      d.14

   15. Potassium, sulphur, magnesium and sodium constitute of our body mass

    a.0.6%    b.0.7%     c.0.8%     d.0.9%

    16. The valency of phosphate radical is

    a. -1    b.-2      c.-3     d.-4

     17. Percentage of oxygen in human body is

      a. 66    b.63     c.64     d.65

     18. Which one of the following pair has same mass?

    a. 1 mole of CO and 1 mole of N2

     b. One mole of CO and 1 mole of CO2

    19. How many number of moles equivalent to 8 grams of CO2

    a.0.15   b.0.18    c.0.21     d.0.24

    20. Which one of the following is the molecular mass of O2?

   a.32amu     b.53amu    c.1.92amu

     21. The molecular mass of H2SO4 is

  a.98 g    b. 98amu    c.9.8g    d. 9.8amu

    22. Molecular mass of water is

     a. 18amu     b.18g     c.18mg   d.18kg

    23. Which one of the following is not triatomic?

    a.H2        b.O3    c.H2O

    24. Empirical formula of benzene is

  1. C6H6     b.CH   C.C3H3

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