Essay On “Sports and Games” A integral Part of life

Sports and games play an important part in physical fitness.  Sports and games play an important role in the life of students.  Sports make a person physically fit and mentally strong. Sports and games improve your memory and brain function.

“A healthy body possesses a healthy mind”

So sports are important for the students to keep them mentally strong.  Sports also reduce the feelings of anxiety, stress and depression.  Sports regulate the blood in human body. 

Sports and games are important factors in character building.  They teach us to maintain balance in hope and despair.  They develop sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence, time management and responsibility.  They shape our body and make us active.  They improve the stamina to tackle the difficult situations. 

“Sports do not build character.  They reveal it.” Heywood Broun

Sports and games improve our efficiency to study and work.  Sports and games are very important in our busy routine to get rid of depression.  They make us feel fresh and improve our thinking capability.  Sports and games minimize the pressure of daily routine work.  In short we can say that sports and games remove our mental exhaustion. 

Sports and games are a good way of exercise.  They are such physical activity which can improve health.  Sports and games reduce the risk of severe diseases.  In this way sports and games also improve the quality of life.

Sports bring individuals and communities together.  In this way sports also play an important in enhancing the cultural and social life.

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it”

                                                                                                 KNUTE ROCKNEY

  Sports can also develop the sense of leadership.  They teach us the teamwork and discipline.  They develop a sense of tenacity in individuals. 

There are two kinds of games: Indoor and outdoor games.

Indoor games are those games that are played inside or those games which do not require a large are called indoor games.  For example chess is an indoor game.

Outdoor games are those games which require a large are to play or those games that are played outside whether in park or playground are called outdoor games. For example: tennis, hockey and football.

Both indoor and outdoor games are important in our daily life.

Sports and games teach us that nothing can be achieved with ease.  Everything requires a great number of practices and a lot of patience.  Sports work on our weaknesses and make them our strength. 

“Sometimes you win in sports and games and sometimes you learn”

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