Essay On My Ambition (Importance/Definition/My aim in life)

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings

Humans are brought into existence due to a purpose.  We are created to carry out specific tasks.  Ambition means a strong desire to get something in life.  Ambitions are the aims, objectives and targets of life.  Ambition gives us a sense of direction to our goals.  It is unusual to have dreams for future.  Then the desire to achieve these dreams is called ambition.  Many of us want to be politician, doctor, engineer, great poet, a well-known painter, a great leader, scientist, professor, lawyer and some aspire to join services like army, navy etc.  In short every human being whether a boy or girl, man or women have a specific aim in life and these aims differ from one another.

Ambition is path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in

To choose an ambition is very difficult.  When you want to choose an ambition select that one in which you think you have great interest.  Or choose that one in which situation you find yourself most.  Choosing an ambition is a great responsibility you have to fulfill honestly to be sincere with yourself. 

Big results require big ambitions

Like every human being has an ambition about life I also have an aim in life.  I do not want to be a millionaire or a mill owner.  My aim in life is to live a simple life while service humanity.  I believe in the proverb that “service to humanity is a service to God”.  We can serve human beings in many ways.  We can adopt a profession which can serve human beings and can provide more facilities to them.  So I have decided to become a doctor.  This is my keen desire. 

Ambition is the first step to success. The second is action.

Being a doctor is a noble profession and it is and people belonging to this profession have a great respect in the society.  This profession is exciting and challenging.  Doctors have to work for many hours.  This profession requires a great dedication.  As a doctor I will be kind to poor and needy. 

Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose

Our country is still under development so it’s our duty to achieve sound progress in field of drugs and medicines.  It’s important to have knowledge of medicines because they can treat illness and alleviate symptoms.  Improper use of medicines can bring potential hazards so one must have a proper knowledge of medicines.  I will make people aware of diseases and their treatment too. 

Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land among the stars

The service of doctor is valuable to the suffering humanity.  Helping the helpless will be my duty during my profession.  It is a long journey to study and become a doctor.  But I have developed a great confidence to get my destination. 

Ambition is the believing in yourself, even when no one else in the world does

Doctors are a great hope for the patients.  Our country needs more and more specialists in medicine.  I consider it my duty to serve humanity.  I will give free service in my city.  I shall never squeeze anyone.  I shall visit villages regularly.  There I will educate people about hygiene and cleanliness.  As a doctor, I shall this motto, service before self. 

Never give up because great things take time.

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