Essay on ” My Hobby ” Complete Essay for Students

“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away”

Hobby is any regular activity that someone does for sake of pleasure typically during leisure time.  Hobby includes collection of coins, gardening, reading books, watching movies or anything that is done for enjoyment in free time.

“All work and no play make jack a dull boy”

 Hobbies provide physical and mental relaxation.  Hobby enhances the life.  Hobby gives a break from boredom routine of life.  Hobby gives a space to know about oneself abilities.  Hobby helps in expanding knowledge.  In this competitive world it is difficult to get some spare time.  Hobby is something that makes our life fresh and enjoyable.  Without hobby life becomes unhealthy and boring.  Hobby offers a great opportunity to take a break from the worries of life. 

“Beware the hobby that eats”

Hobby can be a source of income.  For instance if you like painting you can get payment by selling painting. 

If I am asked about my hobby then it will pick gardening.  I am interested in gardening from my childhood.  I love to see velvety grass, beautiful flowers and green plants. I love to feel soft branches and leaves.  It makes me overjoyed.   I have a piece of land in the lawn of my house where I have planted many plants.  I have planted different roses of red, black and yellow colors.  I have planted them in an order of red, black and yellow.  Once I am in my garden I have no sense of time.

“Gardening is work of lifetime, you never finish”

Plans of jasmine, night queen and king of the day have filled the atmosphere with fragrance. This is actually a message of friendship and love from trees and plants.   I often pass my time in gardening.  I love to read books sitting in my garden.  I have also planted some fruity trees like guava and apricot.  I have also planted Neem trees that give shadow from the scorching beam of light. 

“If you want to be happy for lifetime, be a gardener”

I have also specified a piece of this land for growing vegetable.  From that piece of land I get different seasonal vegetables.

The shoots and buds reflect the great work of Allah Almighty.  I closely look the process of growth and decay in nature.  This process makes my belief more strong.  Nature does not mean greenery only.  Small insects and birds also have life of their own.  These innocent creatures depend entirely on God for their survival.  To see birds flying from one tree and sitting on the other one makes me feel happy.  My heart beats with the rhythm of sweet songs of birds.  This atmosphere provides a peace of mind. 

“When the flowers bloom the bees come uninvited”

 I look after my garden and water my plants daily.  Gardening makes me feel relax and get fruits and vegetables.  Gardening needs to work hard and it is an expensive activity but it makes my health sound.  My garden also provides me a best place for the morning walk.  I always prefer to work in my garden then wasting time. 

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

A deep love for the plants and trees helped me to learn the art of gardening.  Gardening is known as science of horticulture.  A lot of books have been written on gardening.  I save my pocket money to buy such type of books.  These books help me to look after my plants in a right way. 

When I prepare the land during sowing season I feel overjoyed.  Digging the earth has its own pleasure.  Rich loam has a soft and silky touch.  I must say that

“Use plants to bring life”