Child labor Argumentative Essay| Outlines and Quotations

Child labor Argumentative essay:

Child labor is a punishable offense and it should e banned all over the world. If you are wondering for an argumentative essay on child labor then here you are in the right place. Our content will provide you with new ideas and steps to write a basic and easy-wording essay on child labor. You may also look for the quotations at the end of the article.


The term ‘child labor’ is often defined as the employment of children for the sake of earning.  Child labor deprives the children of their childhood making them involved in working.  This act is an offense that dispossesses the children of their potential and dignity.  This act damages their mental and physical health and makes them morally unstable.  The employment of children in any kind of work interferes with their studies which are socially harmful. 

Child labor is a violation of children’s rights which depletes their potential of serving their society.  In this regards child labor is a punishable offense and should be banned.  Banning child labor will be helpful in making our future bright.  It is vital to stop child labor so that children can join the schools and reduce illiteracy in our country. 

Child labor should be a punishable offense:

Child labor is a major problem in many regions of our world including Pakistan.  This problem exists in all the developing and underdeveloped countries.  A lot of people that are not aware of its flaws argue that child labor should not be considered a punishable act.  Such type of people believes that a child may work to feed his family. But we cannot deny the fact that child labor deprives them of their childhood.  Childhood is considered the most important phase of life. 

During child labor, children are exposed to many harmful vices spread in societies.  Often children get involved in crimes, addiction, and other social evils during their child labor phase.  Such impurities of societies spoil them mentally, physically, and socially. 

People or their guardians of the laborer children often claim that they need to expose their children to child labor to deal with their desperate situation.  This statement can be considered true but it is not a fact.  Most of the children are forced to labor which is considered child harassment.  Child labor is a crime and exploitation without any exception. 

The biggest fact due to which child labor is preferred is that children work more in return for small wages.  Moreover, these innocent creatures neve injustice, abuse, and unhealthy working activities assigned to them. 

Causes of child labor:

•           Poverty as the major cause of child labor

Poverty is the major cause of child labor growth in Pakistan. Poverty causes child labor which in return deprives them of acquiring basic human skills and grows as unskilled workers.  Due to poor financial conditions, parents fail to fulfill the basic needs of their children.  So, their children need to earn a living for their families.  Children work even on low wages to tackle the adverse financial conditions.  To conclude, poverty damages the schooling of children leading them to support their families financially in small age.

•           Social issues resulting from child labor

A lot of social and economic factors are involved in resulting in child labor.  Child labor is rooted in poverty, low literacy rate, lack of awareness, and economically unstable opportunities.  The high rate of population growth is also a considerable social issue causing child labor.  These factors are not only the cause of child labor but also a result of social discrimination. 

More reasons for child labor are:

•           Unemployment

•           Parental negligence

•           Worse standard of life

Effects of Child labor:

Working affects the child’s social development as they spend their playtime in labor.  Even the teenagers who work more than 20hours per week are exposed to many physical and mental illnesses.  So, child labor is more dangerous because it makes them deprived of their childhood.  This risk ranges from suffering their educational development to special health and mental conditions. 

Child labor affects the overall development of children. They do not get time to spend with their age-fellows.  They have no time to spend with their family members.  To develop confidence in children they need to build relationships with others but they have no time for this.  They spend a lot of time working even they do part-time jobs which do not allow them enough time to play and study. In this way, they lead to insecure adults who are not even emotionally strong. 

Child labor makes them deprived of physical and mental health. They experience depression and isolation.  Due to this isolation, they lead to many physical and emotional weaknesses.  They are at high health risk because of unhealthy working conditions and by taking physical burdens that are too advanced for them.  Children who do such type of labor are often smaller and weak than those who grow up naturally with the expansion of time.  They are exposed to many harmful working conditions and chemicals at work which can affect their physical condition.  Such type of children suffers from malnutrition which leads them to other severe physical and mental condition. 


The term ‘child labor’ is defined as making children deprived of their childhood by making them involved in physical labor.  Their potential and their dignity are affected by making them deprived of their ability to grow.  Child labor is the result of many factors which include poverty, condoning of social norms, and lack of job opportunities.  Child labor is also a consequence of social inequity reinforced by discrimination.  Child labor is strongly condemned and it should be banned by considering it a punishable offense.  We can stop child labor by accepting the rights of children which include education, birth registrations, parental care, and their right to play with their peers and fellows.


“A child is meant to learn, not to earn.

“A child is your heart not born to push your cart.

“You have the power to create a better future. Treat your children well.

The world revolves around the children. Children’s future revolves around education. Stop child labor.

There is no reason, there is no excuse – child labor is child abuse.

Feeding a child at school is such a simple thing – but it works miracles

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