Is religion the cause of war argumentative essay

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Human beings are the most prior and unique creation of God on the earth which forms culture and society.  All human beings are created equally by the gracious supreme power of God. Then we are divided into different religions on the basis of different beliefs.  Every culture and society obeys some sort of religion which includes Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity.    These religions may differ in philosophy or ideology which in return shapes the behavior of a society. 

History reveals many wars of several bloodsheds and taken the lives of many throughout human history.  Many wars have left their mark on our literature that has been taken place in the past.  The reasons behind these wars are for authority, revenge, or economic gains.

What is Religion?

          “Religion can be defined as worshipping the supreme power according to one’s own faith and beliefs.”

Religion has many other definitions in different contexts as well because it has been explained by different people of different perspectives.  In simple words, religion is the way that connects mankind to the divine of supreme powers. 

Religions differ in the context of differences between the people’s beliefs and practices to worship God.  There is only one supreme power in the universe that is worshiped in different ways by divergent religions.  Different ways of worshipping God vary in the religions.  One religion always consists of the people having the same perception toward God.

Another most prominent definition of religion is;

 Religion is an institute that inculcates moral values, ethical values, laws, and regulations in its followers.

The clashes between the concepts toward the religions have led mankind to many gruesome wars in the past.  The main reason for these wars is that every follower manipulates their own rules and perspectives which differ from other religions. 

Religion is a symbol of love, peace, and unity:

Religion does not only differ in way of worshipping God but it is the messenger of love, peace, unity, and discipline.  There are many religions in the world that have different cultures, values, and traditions.  Every religion contains a sacred book that records the important teaching for its followers.  There exists no religion which states to shed blood and create violence to solve problems.  Every religion spreads the message of peace and humanity among its followers. 

It is not the religion that became the reason for wars in the past and present.  The main reasons for these wars are the clashes between the viewpoints of people and the opinions of political-minded people.  Religion does not convey any message of war but people commit it when their religious sentiments are hurt by others.   There are some political minds that made religion the business and cause of war.  They always get political gains behind every war.  There is a great need of understanding their political gains and act accordingly.  If we respect the values and beliefs of other religions then there would be a peaceful environment in our societies. 

Conflicts in religions:

When people of one religion fight against the other religion, it is called a religious conflict.  A lot of religious wars were fought in history which caused a lot of bloodshed, losses of lives, terror, and violence.  A major part of wars fought in history consist of religious wars.  These wars are often considered to be religious conflicts that caused such massive violence and destruction.  These religious conflicts existed in the past, present, and will surely be present in the future.  It is quite clear that when people of different perspectives and concepts live together in one community there occurs an opinion conflict.  This opinion conflict is not acceptable for every person.  So, there occurs a fight among these people.  In short, these wars and fights are the consequences of hatred that is found in the people of different religions. 

Causes of religious conflicts:

There is always a difference between the ideologies of people of different religions and it is found to be the major reason for conflicts and violence in history.  Religion is always based on beliefs, faith, and acknowledgment.  Followers of religion become aggressive when something wrong is said about their religion.  When someone hurts their faith there is a chance of an increase in the revolts between two religions.  One most prominent cause of violence between the people of different religions is the discrimination among the people on the basis of religion and caste. 

Is religion the cause of war?

Every religion in the world promotes love, peace, and unity.  Discriminations based upon the name of religion should be condemned.  Everyone has his own beliefs, faith, and perception of life.  But there exist some political minds that describe religion as the cause of war just to gain their selfish motives.  Religion is the name of promoting harmony and peace and it can never be a reason for war. 

The concept of religion is something that is beyond any kind of conflict and war.  It is not only a religion but the deep faith of its followers.  All the wars that are named to be the religious wars whether in past or the present occurred due to some misconception or any political, social, or personal gain factor given the name of religion.  if someone is found to be a terrorist then we cannot blame the whole religion.  Everyone is responsible for his own bad deeds.  Terrorists do not belong to some specific religion because there is no religion that promotes violence and destruction. 


Religion is considered to be the reason for conflicts in many people.  But this is not true because there are some people who bring conflicts in two religions for their personal gains only.  True followers of religion will never solve any problem by bringing more conflicts and violence among the people.  Religions always convey love, peace, and harmony.  This religious war is a manmade concept otherwise no religion leads to bloodshed and violence. 

Which is the most widely spread religion of the world?

Size of major religious groups, 2020[1]
Folk religions5.61%
Other religions0.79%
Most widely spread religion in the world

Which religion is the oldest religion in the world?

The word Hindu is an exonym, and while Hinduism has been called the oldest religion in the world

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