Co-Education Essay| Outlines and Quotations

Co-education essay with outlines and quotations is provided here. The quotations are added in the end of the article to maintain the flow of the article.


Co-Education means educating boys and girls or both genders together in one education system, under one building and in same institution.  In the recent times some of our colleges, schools and universities have adopted this concept.  A lot of people favor this system of education but also there exist some minds who do not accept this system.  Co-education is common concept in European and other developed countries but this concept is not as much popular in Pakistan.  In Pakistan a small number of colleges have adopted the co-education.  People in Pakistan believe that co-education leads girls and boys to wrong concepts of leading life.  However, there are some other people who believe that co-education can bring a healthy competition in girls and boys.  This can be beneficial to both genders mutually so we should adopt it. 

Co-education and social intelligence:

It would not be wrong to say that this is the basic need of time to stand both genders together.  In the present era no development is possible without even one of these genders.  Both boys and girls are equally important for development in any sector of the country.  We should not deny that boys and girls have to live together in the society so we should prepare them in advance to survive with each other.  Co-education is very important for understanding social progress. Social progress can be defined as the capacity of a society to meet the human needs of its citizens and allowing them to enhance the quality of living.  No society can progress without competition.  If we will not allow boys and girls to compete with each other we will not be able to develop social intelligence in them. 

Co-education, a controversial issue of our country:

There is no doubt that co-education has been a controversial issue of our country since after the partition.  There are some people who encourage this system of education and want to introduce in our country.  There can be many arguments to favor the co-education.  The major reason to support co-education in Pakistan is in a backward and financially ill country it is impossible to maintain separate education for both genders. Co-education will be proved good for the progress of the country, enhance the standard of education and develop as sense of competence in students. 

But there also exist some arguments in defaming co-education which include: in country like Pakistan sex consciousness develops in early ages.  So it would not be wrong to say that co-education may lead to the lack of concentration in studies.  Because opposite genders attract each other so they lose interest and concentration in education.  Also there exists sexual harassment in co-education based institutions.  In co-education there are more chances of distractions, enethical activities and more interest in personal feelings. 

Advantages of co-education:

A good education system is considered to be progressive if it give equal value and respects to both genders.  As co-education plays a vital role in social intelligence.  Co-education system can also be named as mixed-sex education.  In co-education boys and girls learn to develop a sensation of mutual respect.  In under developed countries like Pakistan sex discrimination has reached its peak.  Co-education can be helpful in overcoming the fear of opposite gender.  Co-education will also result in healthy competition and develops the sense of self-esteem among genders. 

Almost all the countries of the world have accepted the concept of modernism.  Modernism can be defined as transfer of dogma to facts.  In this modern era we should understand that development of girls is as much important as boys.  So we should introduce co-education in order to encourage their survival in the future.  Co-education develops many mentionable characteristics in human personality which include character enhancement, denouncing discrimination on the basis of gender, developing a sense of competition in boys and girls, maintaining resources and promoting a controlled environment. 

Co-education as a western culture:

It will not be wrong to say that some people support co-education because they want to adopt western culture.  There is a need to understand the difference between modernism and evil.  There is no doubt that west has adopted co-education and we can copy them too.  Co-education is not a form of evil.  It is just a getting education by the cooperation of your opposite gender.  Anything can be demonstrated wrong if it is used for the evil accomplishments.  And even a wrong thing can be right if it is done for the sake of someone’s benefit.

Here, I am not supporting or defaming the co-education.  My opinion is that co-education under a controlled environment and good administration of college, universities and schools will be proved beneficial in the development of country.


To conclude, co-education is an excellent system of promoting education equally among mixed genders.  No country can lead to progress unless both girls and boys work together for it development.  So, we should promote co-education under a controlled system.  It is important to develop all-round characteristics of kid’s personality as it takes away the fear of interacting with the opposite gender.  Moreover, co-education prepares them for a world where they can work in all kinds of environment without being hesitated. 


#1. The difference in the education of men and women must give the former great advantages over the latter, even where geniuses are equal.

– Author: Samuel Richardson

#2. In this age of innovation perhaps no experiment will have an influence more important on the character and happiness of our society than the granting to females the advantages of a systematic and thorough education.

– Author: Sarah Josepha Hale

#3. He must become an apprentice to ordinary life.

– Author: Paul C. Nagel

#4. I’m always looking for directors who are very strong, they have great ideas, but on the other hand, that need help. It means they rely mostly on my eyes.

– Author: Vilmos Zsigmond

#5. All my friends are funny, witty, fun-loving people. As are my parents, and the people I work with. I get at least a couple of good laughs in every day.

– Author: Toks Olagundoye

#6. Oh, happy day when the enemies of ascendancy have got to confess that people of color rock.

– Author: John Ridley

#7. The main emotion of the adult American who has had all the advantages of wealth, education, and culture is disappointment.

– Author: John Cheever

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