Modernity is an unending project (CSS essay)

Modernity is an unending project is the most demanding essay topic for the most of CSS papers. So, students must go through this topic for getting good grades. In this essay provided you a great research on modernity including outlines.


Modernity is the transfer of ignorance to logic, from belief to reason, from conviction to freedom, and from slavery to liberty.  Modernity is one of most flexible project of the history.  Modernity can also be defined as the innovations in technology and socioeconomics.  Participating in modernity is conceived as getting in organizational and logical changes that make one immediate surpassed.  The eminent people thus appeared to be old fashioned for the new generations. 

Modernity is connected with individual subjects, logical explanations and rationalism.  By sociological point of view modernity is industrial economic production and capitalists in which social class is the main form of social severance.  Modernity faced a lot of crisis during world wars as the people’s rational future was exhausted by distractions.  War turmoil make the people realize that blessings exist only in peace and autonomy and democracy.  Eastward societies have their own pursuit for the modernity.  Some countries in the world like Pakistan are still withstanding with autocracy, conviction and dogma but process of time will give more opportunities for modernization in order to get through. 

Influence and characteristics of modernity:

There is one commonly used term “Early modern” and it is used to describe the condition of western history since European discovery of printing press.  There have been many researches in order to discover that what modernity is? How to make it more understandable?  There are introduced a wide variety of terms that describe the society, its modernity, social life and driving force, and other aspects of modernity.  Modernity includes bureaucracy, rationalism, alienation, commodification, nationalism, mass society and industrial society.  Modernity is a social hierarchy that includes division of labor having a constancy of system and procedure.  To understand the rationalism in the world we need to manage everything and concept through a reason and logically accessible theories and features.  Modernization is also characterized by the movement of people, cultures and other activities to large and urban places. 

Origin of modernity:

The word modernity is originate from Latin word ‘Modernus’, which means “of present and recent times”.  Different thinkers revealed different factors of modernity but the first great definition of modernity was given by the English philosopher Francis Bacon, who criticized the dependence on authority.  In modern philosophical attitude experience, reasons and logics are standards of veracity.  Bacon introduced new scientific method of reasonable generalization from deep research and careful observations.  He was the first philosopher to introduce the procedures of getting conclusions known as inductive interference.

Also there was an Italian scientist Galileo of equal importance in a new outlook for modernity.  Galileo’s logics and physics entirely changed the Aristotelian’s procedures of drawing conclusions. He was sent to jail for his discovery of heliocentric model of universe which created agitations among the followers of orthodoxy.  He was destined to pave the modernity toward progress.  In the age of Enlightenment the project of modernity shoot up. 

Facts behind modernity as an unending project:

Modernity is not only an unending project but also an innovation in social life and time.  Modernity is an unending project economic value and systems are constantly changing.  Essence of modernity is always seeking and questioning whatever we believe and grasp to do better. Life is the name of consistent evolutions in our lifestyles and social circles.  We need to stand with the changing cultures in order to survive so; we have to adopt modernity in our social life.  Modernity is a contested concept. 

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was the first modernist of British subcontinent who believed in scientific knowledge and facts.  After the war of 1857 he stated the major cause of defeat was ignorance and dogma of Muslims.  He founded the Gulshan School at Muradabad, Victoria School and scientific society for the Muslims.  He struggled for making the Muslims educated in the time of great opposition.  His teachings also influenced the great leaders of Muslims of subcontinent which included Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam.

Modernity and the East:

East also took its own step for the project of modernity.  European seized the subcontinent and took possession over it.  This possession was based upon the racism so it could not bring any progress.  British administration initiated steps for facilitating by technological infrastructure but the people demanded a complete liberty.  They demanded freedom in order to get modernity in real essence. 

Modernity in current period:

After the two world wars and the cold war people believed that survival of humanity only rely on the peace and democracy, rationalism, in literacy and education.  After that there has been noticed a great advancement in technology, communication, and modes of transportation which resulted new global society and modernity reached to new heights.  Flood of information, through social media internet and digital technology changed the outlook of states all over the world.  New theories of sciences introduced new innovations in knowledge and education.   Some countries are still lacking behind but with the passage of time all the nations will enjoy the fruits of modernism. 


To conclude the article it would not be wrong that modernity is an unending project.  Modernity is defined as the innovations and accepting the thoughts with logical reasoning.  Due to modernity human is able to fly in the air.  If we still stick to old notions and beliefs without facts and logics we would not be able to enjoy the modernism.  Ill democracy can be improved by adding more democracy.  Modernity is the process which can never be stopped until human have the quest of seeking information. 

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