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 The key factor to prosperity and stability of a nation is education.  Quality of education is the backbone of development of country.  Getting education is necessary for personal as well as social prosperity.  Education is the best aid to improve skills, mind and to help you expose better innovations.  It is education which makes us better citizen to be able to survive in any kind of environment.  Without education it’s difficult and quite impossible to explore good and bad.  Due to education we know the dignity of hard work and development in different fields of life.  In this way we become capable of respecting and obeying laws and regulations for improving living standards. 

Without education it’s not possible to improve productivity and creativity of a nation.  With education we can get good position in the eye of other nations.  Life is not about dreaming only.  It’s all about to make our dreams true and reach our destinations.  Achievement of goals and visions is not possible without getting education.  Vision can be a type of goal or target to describe high goals for future.  Educational curriculums help us to develop social consciousness, and national integration requirements. 

Problems and Hurdles in Education System of Pakistan:

Uniformity is key factor for enhanced educational system of a nation.  Uniformity refers to same standards to all individuals.  Holding back gifted individuals is really worse thing.  Educational medium varies in private sectors from public sectors.  Government must be aware of injustice in distribution of educational funds as well as in uniformity of education system for all sectors.  We are lacking budgets, physical facilities, teaching qualities and educational policies as well. Our education system is still backward in this most innovative century.  We are still stuck to back and primitive notions.  Like educational system of Pakistan is still parallel as we are still contrasting on the basis of teaching methods, examination systems and boards that conduct exams. That is the reason we have lowest literacy rate of 55% and Pakistan stands at 160th among world’s nation in terms of educational standards. 

Almost 25M of children never have touched the schools in fact.  Most of Pakistani students mostly prefer to dropout at primary level.  Our children are only human resource for future development of this nation.  Quality of development is as good as human capital generated by the country.  So, it’s important to give equal access to every individual for quality education. 

How to improve the Education System in Pakistan?

For improving educational system of Pakistan we should take severe steps as early as possible.  Technical education must be a mandatory part of secondary education in Pakistan.  Financial problems do not allow our children to get education.  So, regarding these economics incentives must be provided to students that will encourage the parents to make their children educated.  In this way we can decrease the dropout ratio. 


Local government system is the better aid to promote education in every part of the country.  Students must be provided with suitable places for better learning.  Students must be provided with the facilities of lab, library, theatre, and many other.  The principle infrastructure of a school is classroom.  Adequate classrooms with pleasant looks and decorations must be provided in all sectors.  Better school infrastructure is always considered as the main factor for improving academic performance.  In fact, good quality infrastructure enhances learning and decreases dropout rates. 

Positive Learning Environment:

Most of researches have shown that educational system mainly depends upon the learning environment.  Learning environment is the vital element in student success.  Student getting education in positive environments are supposed to be more motivated and concerned.  Positive learning environment promote respect for nature, teaches to be a good citizen being kind to both animals and people and develop a healthy lifestyle in student.  Positive environment is vital for improving attention and to reduce anxiety. 


In short we can’t deny the importance of education in the development of a country.  It’s true that pen is stronger than a sword.  It’s the responsibility of government, parents, teachers as well as students to play their part in improving the educational systems.  We have to say good bye to few common things being held for a long time including cramming, shortcuts for getting good grade and old syllabus which have no concern with the practical lives of students.  We must focus on one syllabus that must be introduced for whole nation. 

Indeed, we believe in one curriculum one nation.  

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