I do not agree with what you have to say but, I will defend to death your right to say it | CSS Essay

Origin of Statement:

This phrase was written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall in Friends of Voltaire.  This phrase is basically to elaborate the principle of freedom of speech.  The writer actually wants to demonstrate that we might have different opinions but, we have right to express them.  Difference of opinion means the state of contradictory feelings and mixed ideas about someone or something.  Freedom of speech means to have rights of seeking and expressing opinions including ideas that can be offensive. 

Difference of opinion:

Being the part of society it’s not important to think the same way like others does.  If we do so our individuality will be destroyed and we will not be able to grow intellectually.  Discussing the controversial topics with friends and family we can discover new facts and understand the intellectual level of other people as well.  The opinions of others that they bring to the table about any topic, whether it will be their experience of profit and loss, can sway your decisions and in the same way your conversations can sway their opinions as well. 

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Importance of Difference in Opinions:

If all the individuals in the society have same values and opinions then no progress and development should be expected.  Society needs various ideas to change the factors and head over to development.  If you are not agreed with others opinions then you should take time to understand the things and think over justifications others provide.  It is important to listen to understand the things and not to speak only.  You might understand their point of view and if not you will surely get ideas to change their beliefs.  It’s a part of life to change the opinions.  Every day is a new opportunity to learn things and grow which can change your values as well.

If we all have same opinions then world would become boring

If do not say what we really think and just keep on being agreed with others opinions we will not grow.  It’s important for other people to work out our reality and if we constantly do not say what we actually feel we can never get out of conflicts and challenges and we will not be able to sort out things.

Freedom of Speech:

Freedom of speech means to express opinions without legal penalty and scars.  It means you have rights to express what you think and feel to demand a better world.  You have rights to agree or disagree with others opinions like others do.  Free speech allows people to clearly discuss their ideas and to put them in action.  Freedom of expressing opinions is a fundamental human right.  The right to speak and bring opinions to table is lifeblood of the society.  Freedom of expression allows the diverse interest in a social propagation and assists to flourish the society.  Due to power of freedom in speech a person voice can express opinion of millions of others.  It allows to make own destiny.  This is the power to condemn ideas that should be restricted.  You have to use your own resources to develop your own causes.  In this phrase writer threw light on preserving our liberty.  But do not forget the limitations of freedom of speech which includes hate speech or incitement to violence. 

source: democracyandme.org

Freedom of Expression and Its importance:

Freedom of expression is important for self fulfilment of a person. Expression are Related to humanity which distinguishes human from animals.  This is ability granted to human beings to communicate and express their feelings.  All the people must have the facility of expressing the views, wrong /right, fear and scars, to explore personal identity.  Otherwise this world cannot be able to develop both moral and intellectual domains. 

Final Thoughts: 

To sum up all the above discussions freedom of expression is important for the development of our specie.  This world is being integrated, so we must have to be intellectual to get through such integrations that occur with factors that we don’t want to face, with feelings that we may not accept.  Based upon these facts freedom of expression is vital ability of human beings.  All of them should have rights of expressing themselves.  Freedom of expression is a precious gift for people but anything which exceeds limits is not good. 

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