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Independence Day Speech Tips/Public Speech Tips:

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Best motivational speech on Independence Day starts below:

Hello Everyone,

Thank You for having me.  It’s (your name) here.

Fellows we all gathered here to acknowledge the dignity of being free. 

August 14 is the most memorable day in the history of Pakistan.  On this momentous Day, we denied enslavement and preferred Independence, Liberty, and freedom.  Since then we celebrate our privilege of being born in Independent Pakistan.  We celebrate Independence Day every year as a national holiday in Pakistan to glorify the Independence of Pakistan from British on 14 August 1947.

We are here to celebrate the 76th Day of sovereignty.  On this glorious day we should never forget the hardships and difficulties of those who born before 1947. 

Independence from the British rule is not something that happened in seconds.  Many lives and relations were sacrificed in the road to independence.  Millions of the people were displaced and lost their lives in the ensuing communal violence. .

Let’s have a look on the anguish of being enslave born by our forefathers. 

The Lawyer, politician and the Founder of Pakistan is the only person revered as Quaid-i-Azam, the Great Leader and Baba-i-Qaum.  This motherland is the result of untiring efforts of Jinnah that the Congress agreed to separate electorate.  His theory of a separate homeland lied in the fact that

 India should be cut up into two, Pakistan and Hindustan, the Muslim nation to occupy Pakistan and the Hindu nation to occupy Hindustan.  

To advance this scenario, on the other hand, the ideological thinker of Pakistan Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal proved himself as the supreme leader in the independence struggle of Pakistan. 

The leaders in Pakistan’s history like Quaid e Azam, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Liaquat Ali khan, and many other forefathers choose not to knee down the conspiracies of British dominance.  The credit goes to these gentlemen in the history of Pakistan for such pride in the comity of nations. 

Respected Sir, Let me assure you we are here and will be here as independent and free even after handling a long of conspiracies.  This is the day to realize that we as a nation will stand together facing a lot of challenges. 

On this Independence Day
We remember the years past.
We honor this very day
For our flag, old glory, has last.
On this Independence Day
Two centuries ago, we
Declared our independence
For justice and liberty.
Let us celebrate with joy and honesty

Independence Day always promote unity and discipline within our nation.  Independence Day makes us realize the difference between republic and dominion and that the former is blessing.  This day gives us an excuse to remember their hardships and pay tribute to our freedom fighters.  Their dignity and bravery will never go unnoticed.  Being proud Pakistani it is our responsibility to sincerely perform our duties, and progress and work together for the growth and development of our country.  Following the ideal efforts of our ancestors we should take an oath to carve a blooming future for our country. 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said:

“In Pakistan, lies our deliverance, defence and honour.” 

The subject cause for demanding a separate homeland was to establish an Islamic society and Islamic state.  Pakistan is the fort of Islam as 96 percent of its population consists of Muslims society.  Pakistan stands for the support of whole Islamic world in the times of need.  We are really thankful to Almighty for blessing us such a rich state, rich in minerals, rich in resources, rich in culture, and fertile land.  Now, it’s our duty to make Pakistan, a great and prosperous state while following the guidelines of our leaders as

Allama Muhammad Iqbal narrated

“The ultimate aim of an ego is not to see something, but is to be something.”

To sum up I would like to narrate “Where I am from”

Where there is everything

Where there is life,

Busy roads and open malls,

Where there is peace,

No bomb attacks no bad news,

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یوم پاکستان اور جشن آزادی | 14 اگست کی تقریر

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