Is Colonial Mentality Impeding Pakistan Progress Essay| CSS/BA/B.ed


Colonial Mentality is simply defined as aspect of racial and cultural subordination.  It is a form of incarnated ethnic oppressions.  It is a belief that ethnic and cultural values of a colonizer are innately superior to own. 


Pakistan got its liberty from British Empire in 1947, but according to Jinnah it was a “maimed Pakistan”. Colonization had done much impairment to the economy, culture and politics of sub-continent that it was a superhuman task for Pakistan to be advanced modern state. In this whole situation, bequest of imperialism has always been lingering the different layers of Pakistani civilization. On one hand Neo-colonialist attitude of west has been predatory the prosperity of Pakistan even after her freedom, on other hand administrative management of Pakistan, who putative the colonial policy of loftier west and required shelter in western reliance, they also have additional to the damages of under-developed nation. Macaulay’s education system has scratched the traditional and academic individuality subsequent in sensation of subordination towards local understanding.

Origins of feudalism, another colonial legacy, have become stronger with passage of time. Confidential feudal have formed the society in such way that has resultantly injured the values, politics and economy of Pakistan. Military fiscalism, administrative partialism and sectarianism, executed by the imperialists, have in one or other way slowed down the development of Pakistan.

British colonialists throughout their reign in sub-continent broadcasted the impression that inhabitants were un-cultured and uninhabitable people. Bestowing to them the main reason of the under-development of India was that they were lacking of technologist and rational thinking and Indian public were more motivated to creed and blind confidence. According to colonialists, it was they who fetched the light of modernism and growth to these remote and motionless regions. Post-colonialist study has entirely denied the colonialist thinking and researchers rely on that when British came to India for trade at that time Mughal was one of the richest empires of the world, ruling the 50% of the world trade with a huge set-up of textile industry. It has also been recognized now that the enormous treasure, which had been abused form Indian, was the main cause after the growth of Europe.

Colonial Legacy of dependency and its Drawbacks

Colonists established a parable that economically weak citizens cannot endure without western funding. Well-known colonialist James Harrington said for Indians “they are yet babes that cannot live without sucking the breasts of their mother”.  They expected that wealthy Europe is the only rescuer for eastern people. So they justified their imperialist plans. This colonial attitude of dependence on west has delayed Pakistan since 1947.Pakistan has been deeply reliant on on western assistance to get free of their economic depressions. Pakistan got about 78.3 billion Dollars between 1948 and 2016 from USA, £665 million (from 2009–2013) from U.K. All this overseas help has a hefty budget which Pakistan has to recompense in the form of circular obligations. It is essential for Pakistan to get free of dependence for rearrangement Pakistan’s economy to sort it self-supporting over period.

This regal strategy of dependence has been mounting from financial support to martial aid. United States has provided almost $67 to Pakistan among 1951 and 2011. A huge volume of soldierly assistance has been provided during demanding procedures in Pakistan. U.S has been hopeful these dictators through armed help to attain their own nationwide welfares. Foreign military aid has seriously affected not only the stability of power in Pakistan but also the overseas policy. It is persistent requisite for Pakistan to cut external armed assistance for upcoming improvement.

Subsequent the regal thinking of colonialism, sovereign class of Pakistan commenced to examine the western policy since inauguration. From the prompt years till now Pakistan has been following the policy of import replacement.  Pakistan is still missing after in technical development, but no such policy is being implemented to grow own industrial and technical base in Pakistan. China, Japan and India have industrialized only due to their local industry. Pakistan has enormous prospective for the technology in energy segment, in IT segment and in Textile zone. But heavy funds are made by international corporations in different sectors. Due to this misuse of international companies Pakistan gets very little stake from its own natural means and contribution to revenue is very petite.

It is also owed to the colonial mindset that a countless deal of expert Pakistanis favors to work overseas in Western countries. Intellect drain has a vast influence not only on budget of Pakistan culture is also affected by this mind. Main determination to settle in west might be to get healthier living services but underling intentions are to become part of “superior” western nation. This refusal of native values has caused in subsidiarity complex among inhabitants of Pakistan. Only because of this attitude our local aptitude gets gratitude only after receiving incentive from West.


Pakistan, since liberation, has been struggling to become up-to-date social benefit state .But Pakistan’s historical legacy and its ills have inappropriately been tiresome Pakistan towards tragedy and damage. Pakistan got liberates of Colonization but stuck into post-colonial strategies of influential imperialists. Post imperialism mistreatment led the country to financial, armed and radical dependence in turn country confronted many challenges of sectarianism. Education policy of British period could not service to yield a technical and balanced class who could contribute towards development. Rather English education conveyed cultural and intellectual failure along with dependency complex. Architectures of the upcoming period have to get liberate of sick attitude of past. For those who cannot alter their mind cannot contribute to development.

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