My House | Short Essay for Kids and Juniors

Passage on My House:

House is a shelter owned by someone. Everyone feels his house as most loveliest place in the world. House is a place which we leave each morning and return back in the evening. House provides us a centering. Everyone feels safe and secure in his house. It is a center where memories are stored. Bonds are strengthened in house and comforts are found. I love my house very much.

Ten easy sentences on “My House” for Kids

My House

This is my house.

It was constructed two years ago.

It is made up of bricks, wood and cement.

There are five rooms in it.

A well furnished kitchen is also a part of this house.

It has a small lawn with attractive plants and flowers.

My house is painted with brown color.

My house has a main gate along with small entrance.

I feel safe and calm in my house.

My house is sweetest place in the world.

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