Life in a big city is always moving and growing.  There are thousands of facilities for the people to learn and grow whether professionally or personally. All necessities and comfort of life are available for the people of big cities.  There are big stores, shopping malls and super markets where everything is available for the community of a big city. 

“Today’s city is most vulnerable social structure ever conceived by man”

Latest and modern facilities of education and medication are available in a big city.  Schools, colleges and universities offer great opportunities for the students to make them educated in a modern way.  Hospitals are well equipped with modern instruments.  The people of big cities are well educated so they get many opportunities for jobs. There is a great demand of well-educated and skilled workers in government offices, private companies and factories. People with any kind of qualification can easily get a job that suits them   

“The seeds of civilization are in every culture but it is the city life that brings them to fruition” 

People of big cities enjoy latest facilities of communication and transportation.  They can move with speed and comfort. They are well aware of new trends and fashions.  There are also numbers of hotels and restaurants to enjoy favorite food.  You can taste and kind of food whatever you want to. 

“A city is a place where there is no need to wait for week to get answer for a question, to taste food of any country, to find new voices to listen and to familiar ones to listen to again” 

There are many ways of entertainment too.  There are many amusing parks, where you can go to feel relaxed.  There are clubs too.  Movie houses and theatres are big spots of entertainment.  You can watch the latest movies there.  Fast networking in big cities make people aware of updates.  Life in a big city is an exciting experience.

Instead of advantages it also bear disadvantages.  Instead life is much entertaining and fast but it is much artificial.  Life in a big city is full of activities but also hard and difficult.  People have no time at all to spend with family and friends.  They are always busy in their work.  In a big city people prefer to earn money with the sweat of their brow.  People are strictly tied to daily work routine and spare no time to take rest. 

“A city is a large community where people are lonesome together”

Cities are densely populated which make it difficult for people to roam.  There is a critical pollution problem due to smoke of vans which makes air unhealthy.  Traffic problems are a big difficulty of big cities.  Crowded environment make people more prone to contracting viruses during cold and flu.  As the city life is crowded with people so there is a great rate of crimes in cities.

“city is a place where you find everything except love of nature”

So in this way cities are good but bad too. 

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