Essay On LIFE IN A VILLAGE for FA, FSc, BA Students with Quotations

I have written this essay ” Life in a village” which contains very easy and understandable words and also quotes of various philosophers. Both city and village life have defects and benefits. Village life is discussed in detail along with suitable saying. Essay begins below this passage.

Life in a village is very calm and difficult too

God made the country, and man made the town”. (William Cowper)

Village and city life both possess own attraction and pleasure.  Life in a village seems tough but it has much charm and attraction too.  Green fields, pure vegetables, scenic beauty and pleasant air are admirable elements of a village.  Air is clean and pure.  There is no pollution or contamination in the air.  Atmosphere is free of harmful gases.  So life in a village is much healthier and peaceful.  Pakistan is predominantly a country of agriculture.  Majority of people are living in village because their occupation is agriculture. 

There is music for everything going on in the village

Village life consists of farms, mud houses, ponds, lakes and fields.  Numerous gardens of different fruits are present in villages.  Streets are narrow and usually filled with dirt.  Roads are unpaved.  There is no heavy rush of traffic on roads.  The facility of electricity is available in villages too except those which are far away or near borderline.  Fresh and pure food is available in villages which is free of all types of contaminations. 

Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.

Villagers live a very simple and happy life.  They take pure simple and healthy diets.  They have very friendly, social, hospitable and hardworking nature.  They live happiness and sadness of their fellows.  In fact they have no greed and lusts.  Life of village is not speedy.  Most people live in big houses with joint families.  They follow their traditions and cultures.  Women of the village are much cooperative.  They also work in fields with men.  Life of women is also busy in village.  They are not hasty and enjoy their life fully. 

“I once visited a village of primitive people.  At village I felt time and life moved slower”   Toba Beta 

Village plays an important role in maintaining the ecological balance.  It is a place which is covered by greenery which is a shelter for various creatures.  The chirping of birds in evening gives a pleasant sound.  Citizens are deprived of this blessing. 

Recreation is not only joy but need of a man

The health and education situations are very bad in most of villages.  There are no hospitals in villages or villages that have health centers are not well equipped.   They have to take patients to city in case of serious situations only.  Moreover there is no quality education institution at village level.  Numerous students go to nearby cities to get education.  Literacy rate is lower in villages than in cities. 

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a person and life they lead. (Albert Camus)

Modern facilities are not available in most of villages.  Supply of gas is not available there except those which are situated near cities.  Sanitation conditions are poor in villages.  No proper sewerage system is available in villages.  Usually drains block and dirty water spreads in streets.

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