Essay On Mobile Phone (Boon or Bane) For Students

This is the era of science.  Many presently advancements have made our lives easy.  Mobile phone is one of them.  It is also known as cellular phone. 

Cell phones are being used in many ways.  The major use of mobile phones is communication.  Mobile phones are used to communicate over long distances without wires.  Mobile phones have shortened the distances.  Now, we can communicate with any person at any time.  There are no limitations of time and distance.  Earlier it was a device mainly used for a voice call but nowadays you can send and receive messages using mobile phones.  Cellular phones are also used for the video calls which allow the user to see the person on the other end of the line.

As long as you have a cell phone you are never alone.”

                                                                       (Stanley Victor Paskavich)

Mobile phones have made our lives much easier and convenient.  There are number of benefits of mobile phones in educational fields.  They are a major way of enhancing knowledge.  Mobile phones have improved learning outcomes and are easier way to keep students in touch with the changing world.  Students no longer have to wait until the class time.  With mobile internet enabled devices they can check the stuff.  In this way learning never stops inside and outside of the schools.  Mobile phones have been helpful for the students and teachers in lockdown during the COVID-19.  Students took online classes during the pandemics.  In this way students were able to continue studies with the help of mobile phones.

“Mobile phones are misnamed.  They should be called gateways to the human knowledge”

Mobile phones enable users to buy and sell things online.  There is no need to visit markets to buy products.  You can get all the necessaries while sitting at home.  You can pay bills in just minutes.  Mobile phones are being used to work remotely.  In the time of pandemic COVID-19 most of the companies and offices held their meetings and activities using mobile phones.

Cell phones are a way of entertainment.  Someone can stop boredom by watching movies, cartoons, sports, playing games etc.

Along with advantages mobile phones bear disadvantages as well.  Mobile phones caused isolation, wastage of time and money, distraction and study loss due to the miss-use.  Mobile phones have damaged the humanity severely. 

Although cell phones brought closer the persons far apart but they have also taken away the person nearby.  People became the slaves of their mobile phones.  Mobile phones are damaging the health of the students.  People have become the prisoners of their cell phones.  They have gone too far from the real world.

“We are living in the era where capturing moments using cell phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us”

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