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Here is an Essay written be the team of thetopers.  Essay consists of 10 authentic and rich sentences.  These sentences can be easily picked by kids of Grade 1 and so on.  Thetopers is providing the essays on all topics.  Tell us in the comment section whether you liked our determined efforts.  We are here to support our new comers for bright future of our nation.

MY Book | MY Hobby | PARAGRAPH

Books are the best friends of humanity.  My hobby is book reading.  I have a book. Its cover is blue.  This is a story book.  I read this book daily.  The book consists of more than 100 pages.  All the kids stories are very fascinating.  Stories are also elaborated with pictures.  I understand the whole story with the help of those pictures. I like this book very much.  All the stories are morally effective.  I try to follow the positive characters of the stories.


Ten sentences on My Book

This is a story book.

There are 150 pages in it.

I bought this book from a bookshop.

There are more than fifty moral stories in it.

It price is 200 rupees.

It includes fantastic stories.

Pictures in the book enhance my imagination.

The characters of the stories fascinate me

I read this book daily.

I like my book very much.


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