Bureaucracy Doldrums Essay for CSS BA


Bureaucracy can be defined as a system of government, organizations, or administration in which important decisions are taken by state officials instead of by elective representatives.  For instance, federal government agencies, divisions, departments are examples of bureaucracy.  In government or large organizations, bureaucracy is crucial in directorial rules and principles. The bureaucratic framework is structured to systematic collaboration within many people working at multiple levels to attain a goal.  Bureaucracy’s coordinators are called bureaucrats.  A Bureaucrat can be defined as a member of bureaucracy that can compose administration of different sizes.

To deal with the directionless society and put in less or some negligible worthwhile effort to regain the lost glory of society is the biggest of the doldrums of bureaucracy. That is the reason society is desperate to get peace and affluence to a large extent from the bureaucrats.

Bureaucrats use shortcuts for their personal gains and benefits from certain institutions.  This act in return sucks the juice of state with great ruthlessness.  These uses of shortcuts for personal gains leave the state machinery in such a state that it can be referred to as a dry car without petroleum oil.

Bureaucracy Doldrums:

The application of Justice is available to certain citizens from state institutions.  This is another kind of depression.  All the citizens do not receive fair justice facilities from the state organizations. Most of the population is not aware of acquiring their authorized rights from their state institutions.

There is a lack of liability of the bureaucrats to any other supervising department rather than NAB. This is also looking for making excuses to release the accountability proceedings against the corruption of bureaucrats on their basis of personal gains.

Deficiency of real genuine endeavor to rear the whole life states of the citizens to optimize the civil services. This has broadened the gap between exaggerated bureaucrats and helpless civilians.

The brittle organizations due to the widespread legacy of the pretended bureaucrats are getting slit. The effectiveness of potential of these organizations is being diminished where they cannot nurture justice in society. There is the lack of rinsing factors in the of societies that are leading to more violence of regulations, absence of inner calm and peace, deficiency of trust and from the outer side as loss of ethical values from society.

Reasons of doldrums in Bureaucracy:

There is a perversion and extensive provision of the basic rights of the people in the society where less skillful applicants are brought accompanied to the top of the list. They become recognized and are amused with the rights of others. The talented and skillful candidates are dropped to the last numbers of the list and ignored at the end.  Honesty in society depends upon the bureaucrats and the institutions or organizations they are heading over. A large part of society is unemployed. They depend on saving their basic rights on these institutions. Not only this, but the diminishing illiteracy, elimination of poverty, provoking peace, and the convicting of all the bad acts while spreading the strength to virtue in life and society is the main duty of these institutions that are being headed over by the bureaucrats. This is falling short of the accomplishment of their duties.


The creation of a peaceful society rests in the fault-less and proper functioning of state institutions.  We need the proper working of professional, educational, pro-skilled institutions where we lagging.  However, there is a lack of honest bureaucrats. Hence, still, the government is trying to give a lot of attention to the bureaucrats. Although greed is a curse, bureaucrats are being indulged in doldrums practices due to a lack of courtesy.

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