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Education is a key to success.  We do not acquire education only for the purpose of getting information and developing the power of judgments but to be prepared for our professional life.  Education enlightens our minds and widens our thoughts.  In other words, getting an education is not a purpose but a means to a purpose.  There are many kinds of educations which include technical education, liberal or general education, etc.  Both of them train people in their span.  Technical education is quite different from general education.   Technical education can be defined as tutoring skills to make a living out of it.  Technical education can be exampled as carpentry, medical, tailoring, etc. 

Technical education is interlinked with the usage of technology.  People who acquire technical knowledge and become skilled in their departments are called technicians.  Technical education shapes the world according to human needs.  This can be described as manual work or manual labor.  Without this technical education or manual labor, we cannot meet our everyday needs and requirements. 

I had to gain experience as I did not have technical education

Mikhail Kalashnikov

Significance of technical education:

This is the modern era in which almost everything is done by machines which reduces time and human efforts.  Machines have become so vital that there is no aspect of life completed without it.   Even the small tasks of our everyday life are done by machines.  Although machines reduced our efforts there is no doubt that machines cannot operate by themselves either they cannot instruct themselves to run.  So, we delicately need technicians and skilled workers to run these machines.  Technicians operating a machine should have proper knowledge and information of all the functions of that machine.  So, the importance of technical laborers cannot be denied.  There is a wide span of technical education in this regard of the endless usage of machines.  All scientific innovations are dependent on technical workers and skilled minds. 

Technical education is significant in raising the rate of literacy in the country.  Not every student of a country is mentally perfect for learning the combination of science and arts or business education.  There are many students who wish to serve their country in a divergent way. 

In this era of the global market, our commercial products and stocks do not assemble to the international market in quality.  This is because of unskilled and unqualified staff in our industry. 

After getting a quality education from schools, colleges and universities our students are still unemployed and even rejected by the other countries for the job.  This is just because of a lack of technical knowledge and skillful expertise.  Therefore, our educated people are more distressed than the uneducated masses of our country. 

The goal of education is understanding; the goal of training is performance

Government Innovations in technical education:

Technical education is vital for the development of the country.  Learning techs and skills is the only way of getting rid of unemployment and surviving in this modern era.  Our government should take notice of plenty of raw materials available but no technical and skilled laborers and modern technology.  So, our economy should be moved from agriculture to industry. 

We need to open vocational and technical centers in small and big cities as well to produce qualified and skilled workers.  Though the government took the initiative of making TEVTA centers for technicians but still there is a lack of institutes in small and rural areas of our country.  We should ensure the economic prosperity of our society that is dependent only on getting technical education.  With general and liberal education technical education should be a key focus of our education system. 

Our country is facing intense suffering in unemployment.  Technical education is the only way of making our country prosperous, developed and resourceful.  General education is also important to be a good citizen but technical education is vital to make living and to survive in this inflation.  So, in this time vocational and technical education centers are important to meet the requirements of this era. 

The principal goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done

Forms of technical education:

Technical education has many forms like agriculture, carpenters, constructor, tailor, etc.  Our ways of living and requirements of life vary according to our lifestyles.  So we need technicians for food, clothing, to meet the limitations of the modernized era.  In the field of medicine, we need technical workers like, nurses to look after the patients.  Nursing also requires proper knowledge about medications and dealing with patients. 

As agriculture is the backbone of our country so we need skilled farmers and qualified young men with innovative new ideas.  Skilled farmers are important if we want to impart in the development of our country.  These qualified workers should have the proper knowledge of newly introduced machinery.  Foreign countries are using new technology to grow crops and if we are still stuck with old conceptions of growing crops we will lose in the long run. 

The great end of life is not knowledge but action

T.H Huxley

Span of technical education

Time has changed and we have shifted human efforts to machinery.  Now, we sew clothes with newly invented machines instead of knitting with our hands.  Even mobile phones and other mini-computers are used to stay connected with friends and family.  We do not need a postman to post our messages for friends and loved ones far away.  So we need skilled workers and qualified youngsters who know the usage of this machinery. 

Moreover, in this context technical persons can never be unemployed.  Technical and skilled workers do not need to beg for jobs and request to be hired.  They know what to do and how to make their livings from their skills.  A skillful person never faces unemployment.  There is a wide span of technical education.  Young man and women after completing education face unemployment and difficulties finding a job that meet their educations and learnings.  In this regard, technical education is important to start their own business instead of engaging themselves in petty jobs. Technical education is the only way of choosing a profession according to one’s capability and interest. 

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.


Our government has made great innovations in expanding technical education by building TEVTA centers.  TEVTA is the abbreviation of technical education and vocational training authority.  But still, we need to follow the educational system of some developed countries because the development of a country depends on technical, skillful and qualified masses.  Only technical education can solve so many problems of our country which include unemployment, literacy rate, poverty and economy.  So, technical education is highly required in this current era. 

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