My Favorite Book Essay|Holy Quran

My Favorite Book Essay|Holy Quran

My Favorite Book

Holy book


Reading books is the biggest source of inculcating knowledge and information. Books are the best friends of human being. They enhance our information with excellent knowledge and enlighten our vision and thoughts. In this regard books can be referred as food to human thoughts as they guide us to lead a successful life. They solace us in our worries and make us to forget negativities of life. Books are the best source of guidance in ups and downs of life. They expose various hidden truths of nature and persuade us to live a fantastic life. Some people read books in idleness just for time pass while others read books to enhance their information and widen their knowledge. Also, there are people who read books to enjoy the content of books. I read books to enlighten my vision and to enjoy the content as well. I enjoy reading content of books particularly noble books. I own a library at my home which contains almost 500 books in it. Before preferring a book we should always keep in mind that some books can intoxicate our thoughts and can make us guilty in our society. Books directly affect our thoughts so, we should be very careful in selection of books. I have read a lot of books but Holy Quran is my all times favorite book. It is the last book of Allah Almighty revealed on His last prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ. Holy Quran is the sacred book for those who want to seek guidance in any aspect of life. The connotation of word ‘Quran’ is ‘reading’. This sacred message of Allah Almighty is divided in 30 ‘Paras’ and 114 ‘Surahs’. Each surah possesses a vital importance and is further divided in to verses. Out of these 114 surahs 86 were revealed in Makkah and 28 surahs were revealed at Madinah. There are total 6,616 verses in the Holy Quran. This Holy book of Allah begins with ‘Surah Fateha’. This surah is revised in every ‘raka’ of prayer.

Main concern of Holy Quran:

The main concern and subject of Holy Quran is human being. Human beings are preferred over all the creatures of the universe just because of their ability to differ between good and bad. Holy Quran is the only book which covers all the codes of life and guides us to the way of salvation. Every corner and aspect of our lives is discussed in this book. Holy Quran teaches us to make peace with family and friends. It teaches us love, respect, meditation and self-sacrifice for others. I find solution to all my problems with the help of Holy Quran. Allah made this book understandable for his friends who get knowledge from this Holy book. Holy Quran is a complete code of life. If you ever stuck in making decision of your life you should take information from this sacred book written by sacred Divine.

History of Holy Quran:

Allah wrote this Holy book in Arabic which is so easy language to understand for those who want to make it source of salvation. At the age of forty, when Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ was in his spiritual journey of finding existence of true Divine, he used to stay in small cave of ‘Hira’. Cave of ‘Hira’ is situated on the top of ‘Jabl al Noor’. One day when Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ was in meditation he received the first revelation of Allah Almighty sent through His angel Hazrat Jibrail. This was 27th of Ramadan. In this regard, ‘Laila tul Qadar’ is associated with the revelation of noble book. The prophet Muhammad was in the state of great surprise at the arrival of Hazrat Jibrail. Jibrail repeatedly asked him to read ‘In the name of Lord’. In this context Allah Almighty blessed his creatures and universe by educating Muhammad ﷺ. So, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ became the source of ultimate guidance to his followers. First revelation is:
“Read in the name of thy Lord who created; [He] created the human being from blood clot. Read in the name of thy Lord who taught by the pen: [He] taught the human being which he knew not.” Holy Quran was revealed almost in a period of 23 years.

Holy Quran is the complete code of life:

Holy Quran is the complete code of life which guides us in social, moral, material, economic and political aspects of life. All the areas of life have some laws which maintain harmony and prevent from insurrections. Holy Quran is the book of laws which provides us complete direction toward all the affairs of life. This sacred book is the last of the revelations of Allah Almighty. Human beings can take guidance about this life as well as the life hereafter. In this world, there dare divergent religions followed by different people. Quran tells us that only the will of Allah can be prevailed in this universe. So, having faith in Allah and His guidance one can lead a successful life. Quran is the fountainhead of guidance for Muslims. Key message of Holy Quran is to believe in one Allah and not to associate any partner with Him. Quran guides us to say away from sins and to live a life devoted for getting Almighty’s pleasure. This book guides us about the life after death and gave the delightful news of paradise for those who obey God. Also, this book warns us of punishment in hell for those who disobey the Almighty’s teachings. In short Quran is the best source of guidance from economic and ethics of trade to marriage, divorce and gender issues. It neither condemns nor tortures the flesh nor does it neglects the soul.

Everlasting book:

It is the only revealed book which is still present in its actual form and original content written by God. This book was actively recorded and preserved during the establishment of the religion. The distinctive approach of this sacred book is its message which include spiritual message for the welfare of human beings. Quran gives us eternal and universal message beyond the differences of color, creed and race. The verses of holy Quran were preserved under the sponsorship of four companions. This compilation was kept under the custody of Caliph Abu Bakkar. After the death of Hazrat Abu Bakkar, his successor Caliph Umer was selected to head this committee. Holy Quran is written in Arabic and its fonts are more impressive and appealing. It is so perfect that neither man nor any other creature can write even a word like that. There are four noble books revealed by Allah on His prophets but except Quran no other book exists in its original form. Allah Almighty very clearly declared in this sacred book that He Himself is responsible for the safety of Holy Quran. This is why no one can alter even a single word or verse of Holy Quran. Many Muslims learn this noble book by heart.

Holy Quran as my companion in life:

Holy Quran is only way of guidance in my life. Whenever I find myself in trouble or in feeling of indecisiveness, I take guidance from this holy book. I recite it daily with Urdu translation to understand the message of Allah. Holy Quran is the most widely read book in the world. I always try to follow the teachings of Islam. Recitation of Holy Quran soothes my soul and purifies my vision. It enforces me to ponder over the different realities of life. It discourages my all bad deeds and encourages me to do beneficial acts for humanity. The Holy Quran is source of guidance not only for Muslims but for the whole universe.


Books are the best friends of human beings but one should be very careful in the selection of books. No doubt books can make us virtuous and sinful at the same time. I am fond of reading books but Holy Quran is my favorite books. This sacred book is not only for Muslims but for all human beings. It helps us in all the ups and downs of life and guides us that how to behave in different situations of life. It is the complete code of life and tells us the importance of our relations in our lives. I recite Quran daily which soothes my soul and make me to prefer good deeds.

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