Unemployment effects and Solutions Essay | Outlines, and Quotations


  • Introduction
  • Effects of unemployment
  • Unemplpoyment is the mother of countless evils
  • Unemployment roots drug addiction
  • Unemployment causes physical and mental agony
  • Unemployment causes incalculable financial losses
  • Unemployment causes social disorganization
  • Measures to overcome unemployment
  • Effective economic planing
  • Unemployment allowances
  • Quotations


Unemployment is the most serious and rising issue in our country.  Unemployment can be defined as a lower rate of opportunities to meet economic needs and livings.  Human living inclines to labor whether it is a manual or mental type of work.  People work to keep balance in society but most of them work for the sake of pleasure.  The term unemployment specifies those eligible persons who are capable of doing something to make their economic situations better but they do not find any opportunity to experience their skills.  When they fail to find any work that meets their eligibility and their requirements transform a skillful being into a meaningless individual.  On the other hand, employment offers skillful citizens to take their part in making a society worth living and to improve its dignity. 

Effects of Unemployment:

Unemployment whether temporary or permanent has many diverse effects on the state few of which are demonstrated below:

Unemployment is the mother of countless evils:

Unemployment is the most serious issue which affects almost all parts and tasks of a country.  Like unemployment gives rise to many social evils which make a social and honest man criminal and dacoit.  It pollutes society and wrecks the economy of the country.  Unemployment generates criminals which transform a worth living society into a depressing environment.  It is hard to find truth and honesty in a person who cannot manage two times food in a day.  A wide span of unemployment is a threat to the economy, peace, and image of a country.  This is a menace to the state in which unemployment prevails.

It is quite clear that countries having a good economy and more opportunities for employment for their citizens is most peaceful and developed in the viewpoint of other nations. After a depth study of the theory of the economics of crime one will be able to understand that an increase in unemployment originates from high property crimes.  Jobless individuals engage in wrong and sinful ways of generating income which can be described as robing.  Criminals are often affected by social injuries that persist long even after they heal. 

In the context of this scenario, it is important to describe that criminals are not professional dacoits.  It is the economic condition and unemployment which leads them to a depressed life.  One of the bitter realities of our society is that it is divided into three classes:

  • Upper Class
  • Middle Class
  • Lower Class

The upper class comprises of richest families which can manage to buy anything they need.  The middle class has enough money to meet their needs while the lower class is the most unemployed and ignored class in our society.  This divergence in the classes and individuals of the same society leads them to earn more ways of income.  When they do not find a job to meet the standards of the society they start to earn money in wrong ways which originate dacoits and corrupt in the society.  So, this discrimination should be removed to make society worth living and peaceful.

Unemployment roots drug addiction:

Unemployment can be defined as a tumor that roots many diseases.  One of these diseases includes drug addicts.  Unemployment undermines the life organization of a laborer.  An unemployed person faces a depressing outlook.  Due to this disappointed and frustrating situation, most of them become drug addicts just to get rid of social responsibilities.  In this temporary way of forgetting their unbearable worries, they ruin their whole life.  Their families are destroyed.  Most of the case studies have proved that alcohol abuse, smoking, and prescription drug abuse are most common among people who are unemployed.  The stress of unemployment or losing a job can be a driving situation to addiction. 

The correlation between unemployment and drug addiction can never be broken and could be considered as a continuous flow.  When an individual owns a family to feed but the being is unable to pay bills and maintain a house could be stressful.  In this attempt of making a balance between living and income people lead to drinking or drug abuse.   In short, unemployment generates drug addiction which in return generates criminals.  So, unemployment is the root of all evils and sins.

Unemployment cause physical and mental agony:

Unemployment initiates physical agony and hardships.  It doesn’t only affect the breadwinner but ruins the whole family.  In addition to mental and physical deprivation, it has diverse effects on the whole family as well.  When the breadwinner loses or fails to find a job then it leads to child labor.  Children mostly drop their studies just to earn living on a half or normal wage.  The woman also suffers and has to do the household responsibilities just in addition to labor.  In this desperation, the whole family has involved not only the provider.

To sum up the discussion it will not be wrong to describe that unemployment cause depression and stress which can in return cause long-term physical and mental damages.   It has been observed that most of the negative consequences on the mental health of a person are the result of distress caused by unemployment or joblessness.

Social disorganizations caused by unemployment:

Long-term unemployment causes social disorganization and if not controlled it leads to way for social disorganization.  Due to joblessness or unemployment, people fail to meet the standards of society and fail to live up to the expectations of family.  Since unemployment causes lowering to standards of living.  During this phase of distress, most people resort to anti-social activities.  This situation provokes them to prey for begging, gambling, drug addiction, and many other socially disregarded activities. 

Unemployment causes incalculable financial losses:

Unemployment becomes a reason for economic and financial losses.  Unemployed persons are supposed to be the parasites of society since they owe to a big financial burden.  This happens when the state fails to provide the required jobs to the most skillful members of society.  This failure to provide jobs to willing and the person who has the potential to do work causes inevitable loss to economic productions.  As it is quite clear that if the productions are low then per capita income is also lowered. 

Causes of Unemployment:

There are numerous causes of unemployment; the most important causes are described below:

  • Every census data reveals that population is growing rapidly which is the basic cause of unemployment in our country.  Not only in our cities and villages but the population has been growing all over the world for the last twenty-five years.  But Pakistan is mentioned top of the census data.  Every day thousands of new souls appear on the face of earth which needs to be fed.  Poorer also need to earn livings just to feed young ones.  In this way the progress being made every year is consumed by the increasing population. 
  • The other mentionable reason for unemployment in our country is flopped and defective system of education.  Even the educated and developed person is unfit for the available opportunities of jobs.  The system of education devised by our government is also proved to be a curse.  This education system only produced clerks and persons for the office works only instead of developing industrialized and skillful persons.  True and real meaning of education is developing an individual completely which is fit for the society and industry as well.  Responsibility of educationists is development of capacity of brain and soul.  Providing education to masses is the responsibility of state.  The current system of education is totally defective and calls of overhauls.  
  • The most basic and prominent reason of unemployment in Pakistan is difference between the standards of labor.  There are two basic types of labor which include:
  • Mental labor
  • Manual labor

In these two types, mental labor means to work while sitting in offices and cabins while manual labor can be defined as working in which physical efforts are consumed.  People prefer mental labor over manual labor.  They do not want to do such jobs which are seen to be low than their standards.  For instance, people resist the job of Washman, mason, cook, or any else like that which consumes physical efforts.  There is no doubt that both manual and mental labor have equal importance and can earn a good living.  But people do not want to do such jobs and prefer to fall into poverty.  There is a severe need of understanding that every person cannot get white-collar jobs. 

  • Advancement in technology also creates unemployment in a way that increase in mechanization replaced human labor.  Although advancement in technology brought a lot of comforts but they also reduced the demand for labor. 

Frictional unemployment is the result of constant changes in the structure of the industry.  Demand is constantly shifting from product to product ignoring the trail of unemployment.  Because of development in technical skills and highly specialized sorts of labor, eligible persons are unable to secure jobs. 

Measures to overcome Unemployment:

Both social and economic measures can overcome the increasing rate of unemployment in the country.  It cannot be solved only by the personal efforts of an individual but requires the joint efforts of the government and the public. 

Effective economic planning:

The perfect and valuable economic planning is the need for hours.  As our country is rich in mineral and natural resources but they only need to be developed.  Large-scale development and industrialization are required to increase the employment resources in our country.  Agriculture is the backbone of our country and we owe to it all our economic requirements.  So, the modernization of agriculture in scientific ways is sure to reduce unemployment in the country.  Greater attention to agriculture will develop rural areas which will stop migration from rural to urban areas in search of jobs and reduce the burden in cities. 

Cottage and agro jobs will provide more opportunities and must be encouraged.  The self-employment plans and releasing loans to jobless people to start their personal businesses proved very helpful in solving the problem of unemployment. 

Unemployment allowances:

As discussed above unemployment allowances to unemployed people from the government proved to be helpful for saving people from starvation.  Societies that provide money to their jobless and unemployed masses are proved to be helpful in this problem and such societies are philanthropist societies.  These allowances are helpful in a way because a self-respecting man feels degraded to live on charity and prefers to earn a respectable living with honest toil. 

Providing purposeful education:

The current education system must be transformed into a meaningful and purposeful education system.  The technical and skillful education systems must be encouraged.  Vocational and training centers should be developed to produce valuable professionals. 

Moreover, we need to follow a family planning system to control overpopulation.  As a result of all these measures for the economic development of the country, the national income of the country will increase along with employment opportunities for a burgeoning unemployed population in the country.

You may add the following quotes as well to make the essay more presentable:

Quotations :

Unemployment is like a headache or a high temperature — unpleasant and exhausting but not carrying in itself any explanation of its cause.


Being unemployed is the true test of who you really are.


The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.


A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune’s inequality exhibits under this sun.


The escalator doesn’t work, and you’d think they’d still be used as stairs, but in this economic depression, even the stairs are unemployed.


You look at the jobless as a huge pile of scrap and you’re looking for what can be recycled. That’s good. That’s your job. But what you don’t realise is that this pile of scrap itself serves a purpose. I need my zeros … they put fear in people; fear of crime and terrorism. They are a stark reminder to the stakeholders that what they despise today, they may end up joining tomorrow. It keeps them obedient. Remember that!


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