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Literature grants societies an opportunity to step back and seek about the life and conditions from those who step out before us.  We can assemble better understanding of traditions and cultures and become greater admirer of them.  The ways in which old days and history is noted can be learnt through manuscripts and through articulations.  

Term “Literature” is utilized to elaborate and describe creativity and some kind of written or spoken material as well.  This term is originated from the “Latin” have powerful meaning of “writing formed with letter”.  Literature includes creativity and imaginations in form of poetry, fiction, drama, song or journalism.


Parts of Literature:

Following writings are grouped under literature:

  • Prose and poetry
  • Drama and fiction
  • Essays (Philosophy, Creativity)
  • Arts and History
  • Religion
  • Culture and Traditions
  • Legal writings and journalism

Certain technical writings like logistics and mathematical techs can be considered as a part of literature too. 

Literature comprises of critical parts of present curriculums

Literature in education:

We face confront with literature even from the school.  Reading and writing has been taught to us and we can set it in motion with examination.  From a student’s perspective, it is a necessary skill to be able to emphasize and elaborate the group of characters written.  Moreover, the ability of sensing themes open the other ways of development.  Literature has been a vessel.  There are about 130million books published and all of them bear a bridge for learning something new for their readers. 

Literature has been the lifeblood of this society.  Studying literature allows youth to learn and think critically about different topics and theoretical perspectives.  Books provide an opportunity for the students to learn and seek information about various historical events and wide range of cultures. 

Literature in History:

History has passed through many evolutions and faced different stages.  Literature is not only a gateway to the past but it is symbolic for our present and future too.  As species, we evolved different ever-growing cultures and traditions with passage of time.  Without that checksum, that literature provides us we would not be able to know about the evolutions our ancestors passed through. 

Even in the period of ancient Egypt we can collect their information through paintings and hieroglyphics.  The ciphers and symbols that Egyptians left are keys that we use to explore their lifestyles and cultures.  Egyptians traditions are different from Greek and Roman, which can be known with ease, due to their inborn preference for perfection in their writings. 

This is the power of words that they can spark meaning and originate movements.  Words can figure out the feelings of speaker automatically. 

Scope of Literature:

Linguistics can be considered as the building blocks of literature.  But study of literature is not limited to studying languages but literature is not restricted to educational activities.  Degree in linguistics and literature cannot provide everything that literature offers.  Its scope is more than that and wide enough that lifetime is not sufficient to actually study “Literature”. As it is the form of human expressions and feelings. 

Final Thoughts:

Literature carries moral values it gives breadth of knowledge, and also provides enjoyment.  Good literature knowledge is essential at every stage of life as it enriches our thoughts for development.  Literature lays the foundations for fulfilment of life by adding life to living. 

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